Customise My Clock

Pull Out Your Favourite Styles

Make your clock match your wardrobe, customize to your specific colourway and style.


    Send us mages of 12 shoes with the correct colourway you would like on your clock


    Quotes are based on time and detail of each shoe. Custom orders start at $85 AUD and will ajust from there.


    A link to the ASEX website will be provided to you so you can purcahse your customised clock as per normal

Lets Chat

We are available to chat on Socials and email between 7am-6pm Monday to Friday. Send a HELLO and we will guide you through the customisation process.


    If you have any enquires then send us a message on our Insta page.

    DM Instagram 

    Email us with your enquires and we will get back to you as soon as we can


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