Never Loose again

This app does everything you could possibly want when buying sneakers online  and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Designed by sneaker heads for sneaker heads



Product and vendor rating by community operated system

Multivendor Shopping

Your customers can purchase from different sellers at a time.


Shoppers can save products and keep tabs on price reduction


Secure Transfers

Escrow system whereby shoppers money is held until they get their items.


Any questions about the products just message the vendor


All sellers will have to produce points of ID proof for community safety

Lets Sell

This is allows vendors and shoppers to sell their sneakers with 100% of their profits going back into their bank account. We dont believe in fees, we believe in creating a community of transparency, security and trust.  

0% Service Fee

We believe in free positive user experience, We've got you

0% Sellers Fee

Feel comfortable to sell your sneakers knowing you'll receive 100% of your profits back.

$0.00 Transaction Fee

The amount that companies add on top of the service fee percentage. The extra fee that no one understands why its there. Yep, we don't have that.

Lets Chat Together

Message the seller/vendor in real time.

Ask questions and build trust

ASEX staff monitor everything. Never feel concerned if there is a problem. Keep the communication on the ASEX app and we will always have your back

Come With Us On This Journey

Be apart of a one of a kind free app. That is designed buy sneakers sellers for the sneaker community.  In today’s climate we understand that selling sneakers is not just a hobby but a source of income. There should be a community were sellers can advertise their items and buyers feel confident to trust them. We are on our way to building this glorious community and we want you to join in this journey. 


Learn more about the staff at Australian Sneakers Exchange

Lets Talk About Authenticity and Transparency

Seller Rating

Buyers and rate their experience with the seller. We are a community based rating system

Social Media Reviews

Sellers/Vendors have the option to add the number of social media reviews to their store page.

Community Trust

We are all about transparency. Community trust is what drives the ASEX app.

Authentic Sneakers

Sellers/vendors can select if the sneakers they are seller are 100% authentic. This requires a receipt or proof of authentication

Fake Sneakers

Sellers/vendors can specify if the sneakers they are selling are fakes. Fakes are sold at a lower price giving buyers more options


Sellers/vendors selling second hand shoes .Selling at a lower price.